Paragon Encrypted Disk Personal 2.0

Paragon Encrypted Disk Personal 2.0: Protect private and sensitive data from potential unauthorized access. encrypted virtual disk. You don`t have to remember long and complex passwords, you can have key-file on a diskette or another removable media and use it to access encrypted disk image. Paragon Encrypted Disk is a system for those who are anxious for protection of their personal or professional information. The system allows to create virtual encrypted disks with all information on them encrypted and decrypted on the fly. The encrypted disk contents

PayPal Batch Encrypted Button Generator 3.0: Increase profits with time sensitive discounts and keep your payments secure.
PayPal Batch Encrypted Button Generator 3.0

Increase profits on sales by offering time sensitive discounts that encourage conversions. Your customers get great deals and feel good by purchasing from you at a discounted. Create many encrypted PayPal buttons in batches through web automation or with your secure certificate. Batch encrypted button generation saves time. Encrypted PayPal buttons are secure and prevent hacking of any kind. Pays for itself instantly with increased sales.

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Encrypted Files Search 1.2: Locate encrypted zip files and pgp disks with Encrypted Files Search
Encrypted Files Search 1.2

Encrypted Files Search - is a file search utility designed to locate encrypted files on your hard disk. What can it do? Encrypted Files Search allows to find any zip file, which has a password (is encrypted) and PGP disks. Why use it? Use it to find important data that you lost. Once you lost zip-archive with your sensitive files you should find it within over thousands of different zip files. With Encrypted Files Search you can find any zip file

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idoo Secure Disc Creator 1.1: use idoo Secute Disc Creator protection your disc docments
idoo Secure Disc Creator 1.1

encrypted discs. It supports most of disk/CD/DVD, if you have a recorder and you want to burn an portable encrypted disc, please use this software. Dismounting the "virtual drive" ensures that data cannot be read from or written to it. All data is stored encrypted within the "container". As far as windows is concerned, there is a `new` disk that has suddenly appeared. When the program exists or the volume is unmounted, the file system stays encrypted

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JvCrypt 1.0: Protect your files and messages with powerful encryption.
JvCrypt 1.0

encrypted. With JvCrypt, you have the option of removing the source file or files after they have been encrypted. This option allows you to select a file or files, zip the files, encrypt the zip files and finally remove the non-encrypted files after the encrypted file has been created all in one step! (3) Decrypt encrypted zip files. Decrypt an encrypted zip file with ONLY the password that was used to create the encrypted zip file. Encrypted zip

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Cryptic Disk Professional Edition Encryption of physical and virtual disks on HDDs, USB drives, memory cards.
Cryptic Disk Professional Edition

encrypted form, and decrypted when read. Encrypted virtual and physical disks are mounted as separate disks attached to a drive letter of your choice, or an ordinary folder on NTFS disks. They do not have any special markers which give away that they are, in fact, an encrypted disk. Addition protection can be provided using steganography, by creating hidden encrypted disks inside of other ones. Encryption is performed in XTS mode, developed specially

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HTML Ebook Maker and Encrypter 4.2: Support html,picture,flash,swf,video... pack all into a single exe,and encrypt.
HTML Ebook Maker and Encrypter 4.2

encrypted ebook can prevent copying,prevent editing,prevent printing. You can select encryption mode:PC-binding,Needs Open password.You can specify rights how a consumer can use an encrypted ebook: Open count,Expiration Date,Open time. Key Features: Rich: Support html,picture,flash,swf,video,javascript... pack all into a single exe. Secure: The encrypted ebook can prevent copying,prevent editing,prevent printing. Encrypt: PC-binding,Open password

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